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Spring/Summer 2021 Hairtrends

  • February 16, 2021
  • Blog
Spring/Summer 2021 Hairtrends

The woman of 2021 has risen to the challenge of the past year. She’s been broken down by a pandemic filled with things she can’t control and rebuilt back up with her own sheer inner strength. One of the many things she’s been left on her own to handle, is her hair. It sounds silly, but it’s no laughing matter. Hair is the glory, it’s where our image as an individual starts and our go-to pickmeup when we reward or treat ourselves. It’s the 1 service we adore above all others and the must in our budget.
The 2021 woman is positive for the future. She has a wishlist tucked away of all the places she’ll go, the things she’ll do and the people she’ll see when the world starts turning again. She plans to go out out and gorgeous hair is on her wishlist.
We predict the hair bookings of 2021 will be “the works”! A full L’Oreal Professional colour, those all important subtle, delicate highlights, a Kerastase conditioning treatment & head massage, a precision cut with flirty flicks to frame the face, a sexy, to die for, can’t stop touching it blowdry…
While you are missing us, we are missing you! We’ve pulled these pics from the archive, originally created by team Tresses, for L’Oreal Colour Trophy 2020, they showcase beautifully what we hope to bring to you when next we meet again.