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Making the Cut & COVID19

  • November 9, 2020
  • Blog
Making the Cut & COVID19

At the forefront of our minds this year is hygiene. The other thing on our minds is when we can get our next haircut, what with the see-saw opening & closing of salons.

Many wonder what is the “right” cut given the circumstances? And the resounding answer is the bob! Yes this chic little wonder is having a major comeback, but why?

In short, pardon the pun, it’s hygienic, manageable, quick-drying/styling and flattering on everyone. And an added bonus is that you’ll have months of growing room if you can’t get to a salon every 6 weeks.

Once you’ve decided to make the cut, you’re faced with a multitude of choice. A lob (long bob), on the neck, graduated, on the chin or even skimming the cheekbones if you’re ready to go super short.

It just so happens that we have a whole team of expert cutters at Tresses. I’ve chopped my own not to miss out on the trend and I’ve never had so many compliments! Why not book yours online now?